“Apping for Dummies” is back!

A long time back I wrote a then quite popular article called [[http://floatingsun.net/articles/apping-for-dummies|Apping for Dummies]], intended as a guide to those overwhelmed by the graduate application process, based on my experiences. For some time it was the most viewed content on my web site. Some where during the subsequent rewrites of the web site, unfortunately, I lost track of the article. It was [[http://floatingsun.net/data/articles/apping.html|still available]], but the formatting was all broken and it wasn’t linked from anywhere and so over time it lost all its Google juice and was lost in cyberspace.

Well, I have now resurrected it at [[http://floatingsun.net/articles/apping-for-dummies/|its new location]]. Most of the content remains unchanged, but hopefully it will now be more easily accessible and some people will still find it useful :-) As always, comments and feedback are much appreciated!


  1. Diwaker Gupta

    *@sidhharth*: indeed it is. I was hoping Yahoo! is at least as fast, but unfortunately it isn’t :-( The blog post that mentions the article does show up on the first results page, but the article itself is nowhere to be seen. Now if only they had something like Google Sitemaps. I’m fairly certain that it wasn’t the case that Google’s crawler just happened to be crawling my site then — I think the crawl must have been triggered due to the Google Sitemap update that is sent every time new content appears.

    *UPDATE*: Actually I take that back. My sitemap plugin pings _all_ major search engines including Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask. Microsoft, Google, Yahoo all use the same Sitemap protocol, so it is certainly not a Google specific advantage. Sigh, I keep wishing that Y! will kick G’s ass some where some day but continue to be disappointed. :-(

  2. Siddharth

    .. so maybe ‘G’ has some super cluster of machines & most efficient algorithms for crawling, Nevertheless , the thing that hurts the competition most is :Say I have to search for ‘_X_’ , I would typically fire my query on both ‘G’ &’Y !’ , for once if I find that the results on ‘G’ are more relevant/useful than ‘Y !’ …. next time I wouldn’t care to search on ‘Y !’ at all [perhaps going to wikipedia for specifics ] . I have been a huge Y! fan, but not sure, if it could take on G w.r.t search, what is your take on this.

  3. Karthick

    Ok how about a design overhaul to that? and can you host a pdf/doc version too so that it would be easy to send out to people, you could put your copyright, but for people traveling around, the net’s not really very accessible.

    Yes, I am talking about India.

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