1. Mick

    Grassroots? Spontaneous? What are you smoking there, ace?
    Movon.org is sponsoring and initiating this. Not “grassroots”.

    I might consider doing a Hillary in 30 seconds video. Not an Obama one though. Kind of unfair/unprofessional of moveon to pick sides when the race is so close. They should have taken submissions for both. Instead, their FAQ says that no Pro-Hillary videos will be considered. No explanation provided.

    moveon.org can f.o.a.d. :-)

  2. Diwaker Gupta

    *@mick*: I’m not well versed with the political scene here, but my understanding is that MoveOn.org itself is a grassroots organization and that is what I referred to in my post.

    I don’t see why MoveOn should accept Hillary videos if they don’t want to. They have clearly indicated that this effort is in Obama’s support. If someone still chooses to make an ad for Hillary, they have no dearth of platforms to air it on (YouTube and friends). How does that make MoveOn unfair/unprofessional?

  3. HPM

    MoveOn.Org held a vote amongst its members to decide who to support for president and Obama won. This is no different than what unions and other organizations do. It enables the organization to get more bang for its buck and make a greater difference.

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