I’m back

I’m back in the US, after one of the worst flying experiences ever.

First, my flight from New Delhi gets delayed by almost **8 hours**. I should add that the Air India put in abysmally little effort to help the customers — getting information from anyone was almost impossible, there was little or no ground staff around to answer questions, the little information that did get out was often incorrect and so on. When I first reached the airport at 6 in the morning (my flight was scheduled at 8:15 am), I was told the flight would depart at 12:30. I called up again at 11 am and was told that the flight would leave at 1 pm. The flight eventually took off at 4 pm, with no apology or announcements regarding the additional delays.

Then, at Frankfurt even the crew was confused — first, we were told that LA bound passengers are supposed to //stay// on board and only people whose final destination is Frankfurt should get off. After about half an hour of confusion and discussion, they told us that ALL passengers are //required// to disembark, along with their cabin luggage (this is standard practice, but the staff were fighting amongst themselves!)

Finally, I reached LA just past midnight, having missed the last flight to San Diego by almost 2 hours. Thankfully AI was responsible enough to put me on a 10 AM flight the next morning. However, what they did not tell me was that they put me on a 8:45 am flight //without// asking or even informing me. I’m glad they did for I wanted to reach San Diego asap, however I should have been notified. It was just co-incidence that I decided to reach the airport early in hopes of catching an earlier flight, otherwise there was no way I would have made it in time.

Anyways, alls well that ends well, so its back to business as usual.

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