1. Dan Allen

    I have a question regarding your Thinkpad dual-display setup that I think you could help me with by simply recounting your experience. I have the situation where my laptop screen is at a higher resolution (1400×1050) then the monitor I have at my desk (1280×1024). I would like to “scale” the image from my laptop to fit within the available real-estate on the desktop monitor. I use the MergeFB and the MetaMode setting, but what happens is that I just get a large “virtual” desktop on the desktop monitor such that the mouse causes the screen to scroll around when looking at the clone. Is it possible for the second screen to actually squeeze the desktop into the available space (so I don’t have to use xrandr when docking)? Should I not be using the MergedFB option? I am curious if you got it to work so that I know if I am even heading down a possible path.