GaesteBin: a secure pastebin for Google App Engine

TL;DR: gaestebin is a private, secure, open source pastebin for Google App Engine.

PastebinPastebins are incredibly useful. But most of the public pastebins are not suitable for sharing within a company (think code fragments, log messages etc.) and most private pastebins are either ugly (except hastebin!), hard to setup/maintain and usually forced to be behind the firewall (for security).

So I decided to scratch my itch and whipped up a pastebin that fit my needs. Features:

  • Usability: it’s a pastebin — you create a paste, you view a paste. That’s it. No need to specify the language — we guess it, thanks to highlight.js. It also looks good (I think), thanks to Solarized.
  • Easy of deployment: no installation, no maintenance. Just deploy to Google App Engine.
  • Security: you need a Google account to create a paste. No login required to view a paste though. Bonus: if you use Google Apps at your company, you can have a private pastebin for you company by restricting the app to your domain.
  • Open source: Fork it, baby!

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