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My first “book” is published!

The [[http://floatingsun.net/articles/apping-for-dummies|Apping for Dummies]] article that I wrote several years ago has remained one of the most visited articles on my website and over the years many people have told me that they found the article useful. I’m happy to announce that a much updated and enhanced version of the article is now [[http://pothi.com/pothi/book/diwaker-gupta-applying-american-graduate-schools-engineering-and-fine-arts|available as a small handbook]] over at [[http://pothi.com|Pothi.com]].


I’ve always thought about writing a book, so this is definitely very exciting for me. Even though it is not really a full-fledged “book”, it is a start nonetheless. The handbook is priced at **Rs. 99** (excluding shipping). So if you or any one you know is applying for graduate school in the US, specially in engineering and fine arts, do check it out. You can [[http://pothi.com/pothi/preview?pFile=132|preview the first ten pages]].

Note that the article is (and will always be) still available. Of course the book has a lot of extra (and more up to date) information that is not there in the article. The article is also fairly narrow in its scope — it was basically written for Computer Science students at the IITs. The book, however, is much broader — it should be useful to applicants in engineering //and// **fine arts**. As far as I know there is hardly any published information out there for graduate applicants in fine arts, so I really hope that this handbook will be of some use to the budding artists in India.

This whole thing is very much an experiment for me. At some point I might even make the handbook available online as a (paid or unpaid) eBook, but for now you have to order your copy from Pothi.com.

“Apping for Dummies” is back!

A long time back I wrote a then quite popular article called [[http://floatingsun.net/articles/apping-for-dummies|Apping for Dummies]], intended as a guide to those overwhelmed by the graduate application process, based on my experiences. For some time it was the most viewed content on my web site. Some where during the subsequent rewrites of the web site, unfortunately, I lost track of the article. It was [[http://floatingsun.net/data/articles/apping.html|still available]], but the formatting was all broken and it wasn’t linked from anywhere and so over time it lost all its Google juice and was lost in cyberspace.

Well, I have now resurrected it at [[http://floatingsun.net/articles/apping-for-dummies/|its new location]]. Most of the content remains unchanged, but hopefully it will now be more easily accessible and some people will still find it useful :-) As always, comments and feedback are much appreciated!

Apping for Dummies

UPDATE: My advisor, Amin Vahdat, has written anĀ excellent blog post on this subject.

UPDATE: A much extended and updated version of this article has been converted into a small guide book which is now available for purchase from Pothi.com for Rs. 99 (excluding shipping). They take credit card payments and shipping is available anywhere within India as well as to UK, USA and Canada.

I am also making the book available in its entirely for FREE below. Hope it is helpful to some of you out there. If you find the book useful, I would appreciate if you could drop me a line :)

Note to prospective applicants to UCSD or elsewhere

Come fall, I inevitably receive emails from numerous people enquiring about admissions at UCSD. I have tried to put in all the information I have in this document and the UCSD Grad Student FAQ. Please go through these documents carefully before sending me an email. In particular, do not send me email asking the following:

  • These are my credentials. Can you tell me what chance do I have of getting admitted to UCSD: I can’t. And even if I did, I probably wouldn’t. So please, don’t ask.
  • What should I do in this XYZ situation?: please contact the graduate student admissions office at your respective university. They have people who are paid to answer such questions and help you out. I’m not administrative staff, and I don’t have the time, motivation or enthusiasm to accurately answer such questions.
  • Will I get financial aid?: as I’ve mentioned here and elsewhere, if you are admitted to a PhD program, you probably will. If on MS, chances are low. There are exceptions in both cases, and beyond that I don’t have an opinion. This is all I know, honest!