Google Reader archiving less?

For the past few weeks, I have been noticing that all of a sudden, the unread count in a lot of my folders in [[|Google Reader]] has dropped significantly. I haven’t read that many articles, nor have I removed any prolific feeds. The only other explanation is that Google Reader is archiving (or at the very least, displaying) lesser data than before.

I couldn’t find anything in the Settings that would govern how far back in my feeds can I go. The [[|Help Center]] doesn’t have any useful answers either. Does any one know the details on this? I’m also interested to find out what data the Search function has access to: that is, is the search capable of going back beyond what Reader shows to me?


  1. Shashi

    I suppose there is a limit of 100 unread items per feed, can’t provide a reliable source, though.

    But, the search can go back much beyond. I can clearly see the results almost 8-months old.

  2. Jason Adams

    Yeah, stuff older than a certain period of time gets marked as read. I notice that when I add new feeds that have a lot of old stuff, the old stuff is in there but there may only be a couple “unread” items.

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