Google Reader dumbness

While I love and use Google Reader every single day, some of its dumb-ness really annoys the hell out of me. Specially because these bugs are relatively easy to fix.

For instance, Google Reader doesn’t detect duplicate feeds. In particular, it will let me add the //same// feed, to the //same// folder as many times I like. Check out the screenshot for a sample.

{{|Duplicate feeds in Google Reader}}

Similarly, if I have the same feed in two different folders (or labels, in GMail lingo), Reader doesn’t mark an item as read if I read it in one of the folders. GMail already does this quite nicely, so I’m at a total loss as to why Reader doesn’t do it.

I’ve already [[|ranted earlier]] about the lack of support for renaming tags/folder names, and the __still__ obviously missing search. Its kind of funny that search giant Google won’t let me search my feeds in its flagship feed reader.

Come on Google Reader team, you can surely do better! (btw, I did search the [[|Google group for Reader]], but couldn’t find any useful information on these issue)


  1. Adnan.

    Well, technically and could point to different websites (or IP addresses).

    And even if they resolved to the same IP, it’s possible that they might return different content.

    For Google Reader it’s similar to the difference between and

    Of course Google Reader could be more user friendly and just detect that they’re the same. :)

  2. Diwaker Gupta

    *@adnan*: Well, in this case (AND in most such cases), they ARE actually exactly the same (you can verify their IP addresses).

    Also, its common to have the ‘www.’ prefix point to the base domain name (see for more information). However, a sub-domain such as is a different case — sub domains can resolve to different IP addresses and certainly different content.

    In either case, with the amount of data Google has, it should be trivial for them to figure out which feeds are duplicate, regardless of their URLs.

  3. Pradeep Padala

    Google reader sucks! It’s lacking many features. One of the most annoying thing is, if I want to unshow a post, I have to move back to to the title of the post and click it. But, I use it :( Don’t have the time to look for better online feed readers. I love Sage (FFox plugin), but it’s just off-line.

  4. Dom

    I hate google reader, when my feeds update, sometimes I can read the new entries and sometimes Google reader just says there are no new entries. It sucks. BTW, this comment text area kind of blows too, I’m currently typing way off of the screen..

  5. Diwaker Gupta

    @Dom: Sorry about that. Can you send me a screenshot? It works fine for me. That said, I’m really not a designer so I won’t be surprised if something is broken. What browser/OS are you on — that’ll help me fix the problem. Thanks!

  6. aaaa

    there’s no feature to share things with only a certain group or with certain people from my contacts list… it is really stupid.
    these guys lack imagination. that’s what.

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