1. Kim Stedman

    Hallelujah. Was browsing the web to see if this functionality was hidden somewhere– instead, found a few blog entries begging Google to catch up. C’mon, Google, this is beneath you.

    At least give us the option of selecting multiple stored blog entries and batch-applying tags. That way, at minimum, we could select everything we’d tagged (example) “Social Software,” apply “Smart Mobs” to them, and then delete the “Social Software” tag.

    As it stands, we have to go through and do each one by hand. It’s excruciating.


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  3. Don

    I came across this post while trying to search for a better way to sort my RSS feeds…but I thought I’d offer advice on changing a tag name with minimal effort:

    1) Filter by the tag you want to change (on the right side of the screen there’s a box “Filter by name, tag, or URL”)

    2) Add the new tag name to the first item to get it into the list of tags

    3) Choose “Select: All [#] Subscriptions”

    4) Add them to the new tag

    5) Go delete the undesired tag

    I agree it’d be much better to have the ability to rename them…but it’s not overly difficult to do it this way.

  4. v

    another way to quickly change tag names is to export your subscriptions to an XML file, modify the XML file, delete all your subscriptions, delete all your tags, then import the modified XML file back.

  5. Diwaker Gupta

    *@kim*: some very interesting stuff on your blog! I can’t believe Google Reader _still_ doesn’t have search or renaming of tags.

    *@don*: thanks for that tip. I agree its doable, but its a pain nonetheless. Besides, I don’t understand why they won’t add this feature — its not hard, its useful, and clearly lots of people want it!

    *@v*: I would hardly call this method “quick” :-)

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