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Indian Indie Music

Recently I’ve started exploring some indie music, and my favorite source so far is [[http://insomniaradio.net|Insomnia Radio]]. So then I started hunting for good sources of Indian indie music. Here are two that I’ve found so far, if you know of any more or have any recommendations, please leave a note in the comments!


[[http://radioverve.com|{{ http://floatingsun.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2007/06/radioverve.png}}]]

Radioverve is an Internet radio — they stream “independent” Indian music 24×7. They provide several different channels. The main channel serves a mix of all different kinds of music, but if you are so inclined, you can listen to one of the more targeted channels. Currently they have channels for Rock, Gospel, Konkani, Metal, Easy, Classical and (soon) Folk. No podcasts though.


[[http://tempostand.com|{{ http://floatingsun.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2007/06/tempostand.png}}]]

Tempostand seems to be shaping up like Insomnia Radio for the Indian indie scene. They are very very new — the site went live on April 15th this year! There are several ways you can enjoy the music they put out: check out their [[http://feeds.feedburner.com/Tempostand|podcast feed]], or just listen to music right on [[http://www.tempostand.com/music|the website]].

I’ve already discovered some really cool stuff through them, most notably the Brown Indian Band. Strangely though their podcast feed doesn’t contain all the music thats available on the website — please fix this guys!

The best Indian music streaming site

I recently discovered [[http://dhingana.com|Dhingana]] and I’m just loving it! Its definitely the **best** Indian music streaming site //ever//. Not to mention, its FREE! Here’s how Dhingana is better than the competition (raaga.com, musicindiaonline.com)

[[http://floatingsun.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2006/08/dhingana-player.png|{{http://floatingsun.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2006/08/dhingana-player.thumbnail.png|Dhingana Player}}]]

* **No annoying ads**: I just abhor the pop-ups that plague raaga.com. MusicIndiaOnline is also mostly ads-free though.
* **Excellent user interface**: Dhingana is really easy to use. The interface is uncluttered, uses AJAX where it makes sense, doesn’t require registration to play songs. Its also much much simpler to navigate the collection and search for songs. Brightly colored tabs at the top show intuitive categories — movies, pop, remixes, ghazals, religious etc.
* **Better portability**: Dhingana works on pretty much all browsers on pretty much all platforms (yes, on Linux as well). They use a flash based player, and since the popularity Google video and YouTube have pretty much made Flash ubiquitous, it mostly works. I’ve yet to get Raaga working on Linux (I’ve tried with RealPlay as well as the Helix player — something or the other just keeps breaking down). Ditto with MusicIndiaOnline
* **Personalization**: Dhingana lets you rate songs, and create your own “Smart lists” (smart lists need you to log in though).
* **Better technology**: Now I don’t know the details of how Dhingana works, but it certainly seems to be much faster at streaming songs (the entire song is available within **seconds** and then I can skip to any location in the song. Even under heavy BitTorrent downloads, I can hear the music just fine). The audio quality also seems way better.

You can find a detailed [[http://dhingana.com/features.php|list of features]] and more on the [[http://dhingana.com|website]]. So go ahead, give it a spin! Enjoy!

Euphoria shine again

Album: Mehfuz

Artist: Euphoria

Rating: 5 out of 5

Media: CD

Year: 2006

Its official — Euphoria is my favorite desi band. Their consistency and quality just amazes me. I’ve done innumerable reruns of all three (the website says four…) of their albums and every now and then I would re-discover some song that had skipped my attention earlier. Across all their albums, there is no song I actively dislike, and a lot of songs that I actively like. That says something, doesn’t it :-) Anywho, naturally when I heard their 4th album, “Mehfuz” is out, I was excited.

I’m happy to announce that Euphoria is mehfuz with Mehfuz. The album is instantly recognizable as Euphoria — the beats, Palash’s voice, the music supple and crisp at the same time. There’s a good mix of songs — some fast (Zabr Bhoola, Dil) and some slow (Mehfuz, Sawera). The title song Mehfuz is just fabulous and my favorite so far. Beautiful lyrics and nice, soulful music. Doha is a pleasant departure from conventional pop, and it was refreshing to see them dabbling with english ballad-style “She’s beautiful”.

The other nice thing about this album is that it is very diverse in its sounds. There are shades of punjabi, konkani, bangla and marathi music sprinkled here and there. Highly recommended!!

Social Radio

Listening to music on Linux just reached new heights today :-) (er, for me, I mean. This thing has obviously been around for some days now)

[[http://www.last.fm/|Last.fm]] aka [[http://audioscrobbler.com|Audioscrobbler]] are introducing “social radio”. Integration with Audioscrobbler means the system can figure out your “taste” and make recommendations. This is much like Yahoo! [[http://launch.yahoo.com|Launch]], except its even better! Here are some of the highlights:

* Listen to //personalized// radio stations, even on Linux.
* Rate music and organize music by “tags”
* Listen to global tags, your personal radio station or other people’s profiles
* For a small monthly fee, you can upgrade your account for some advanced features.
* The [[http://www.last.fm/help/player/|player]] is open source, and free (the Linux version is written with Qt4, I believe)

The [[http://www.last.fm/help/faq.php|FAQ]] is very well written and really does answer most of the frequently asked questions (like how to get the player working from within Firefox)

Check out [[http://www.last.fm/user/diwakergupta/|my Last.fm page]]

This is //so// cool :-)