Euphoria shine again

Album: Mehfuz

Artist: Euphoria

Rating: 5 out of 5

Media: CD

Year: 2006

Its official — Euphoria is my favorite desi band. Their consistency and quality just amazes me. I’ve done innumerable reruns of all three (the website says four…) of their albums and every now and then I would re-discover some song that had skipped my attention earlier. Across all their albums, there is no song I actively dislike, and a lot of songs that I actively like. That says something, doesn’t it :-) Anywho, naturally when I heard their 4th album, “Mehfuz” is out, I was excited.

I’m happy to announce that Euphoria is mehfuz with Mehfuz. The album is instantly recognizable as Euphoria — the beats, Palash’s voice, the music supple and crisp at the same time. There’s a good mix of songs — some fast (Zabr Bhoola, Dil) and some slow (Mehfuz, Sawera). The title song Mehfuz is just fabulous and my favorite so far. Beautiful lyrics and nice, soulful music. Doha is a pleasant departure from conventional pop, and it was refreshing to see them dabbling with english ballad-style “She’s beautiful”.

The other nice thing about this album is that it is very diverse in its sounds. There are shades of punjabi, konkani, bangla and marathi music sprinkled here and there. Highly recommended!!


  1. Manish Amde

    Diwaker, Euphoria is a good desi band and that is it. The fact of the matter is that Indian music is so crowded by absymal crap (with the only selling point being scantily clad gyrating bodies in their music videos) that we get attracted by mediocrity. I don’t want to offend you when you call Euphoria you favourite desi band but wanted to point out your attention to the following facts :
    + Apart from Palash, none of their band members are worth a mention. See them do a cover of any rock song and you will irritated by their ineptitude. When you see Parikrama and Indian Ocean perform, you see truly great performers putting up a show.
    + They pick up folk songs and tunes, add some guitar and drums and re-invent the wheel. The reason for all of us liking them so much is that fact that we are pretty far from our Indian/local/classical music scene.
    + Palash voice’s all passion but his tonal quality is not even comparable to someone like the lead singer of Fuzon. He is good at high notes and sings with a lot of passion but the “harkat” in his voice is missing which comes after years of “riyaaz”.

    The pros
    + Palash – sings with a enthusiasm which is infectious.
    + They sing in Hindi which for me is big plus. I hate desi bands who try to sound cool by refusing to sing in Hindi or other regional languages.

    I have been pretty objective when it comes judging Euphoria so far. But the real test is with the heart. And I agree with you in that Euphoria strikes the right chord. Their songs have been very pleasurable to hear and with strong lyrics they make up great songs to cherish.

    After writing so much, I find some of my statements contradictory (like in a typical panduz discussion). Feel like deleting them now…. Anyways, I will still leave it on your blog, this being my first entry there.

    BTW, Mehfuz is Mehfuz with me too. Nice song great lyrics..

  2. diwaker

    *@manish*: aaj to mera blog dhanya ho gaya mamu, jo tere darshan huye :-) I don’t particularly disagree with most of the things you’ve said above strongly, but since you did bring it up, let me try and get the discussion going :-D

    First off, you have your choices and I have mine. You obviously seem to have a better taste and better expectations from Indian music than I do, but I still proudly maintain my affinity to Euphoria.

    Secondly, *everything* that you list as a FACT, is actually just an opinion. Yours. Feel free to disagree — thats what opinions are about.

    Now lets tackle each of your points one at a time:

    o I’ve seen Euphoria live, but I haven’t seen Fuzon or Indian Ocean perform, so I can’t really judge. But I’m happy to take your word for it. BTW, I’m not convinced that the ability of doing the cover of a rock song necessarily translate to a “better” band.

    o I think your second point is a vast over simplification. Being extremely uncreative myself, I have tremendous respect for any kind of creativity, and atleast for me, the music that Euphoria creates is right up there.

    o Again, as long their music lifts me up, I don’t really care about the “harkat”. I mean, there are artists and then there are entertainers. Pt. Bhimsen Joshi’s voice has amazing harkat, but I don’t find him very entertaining. So if harkat is what you’re looking for and you find it in other bands, good for you man. For me, Euphoria is good enough.

    I’ll repeat my original claim: I have complete albums from Fuzon, Indian Ocean and Euphoria, and on a percentage basis, for me, Euphoria has the best “hit” ratio. My original post wasn’t even trying to compare apples with oranges, but you dragged the other bands in. Fuzon is great, so is Indian Ocean. But Euphoria, just rocks :-)

    Finally, welcome to the blog — as you can see, I have defended my stand in true Pandu spirit! hehe :-D . Whatever happened to yours man? Post something other than match summaries once in a while!

  3. Palash Sen

    Thank you thank you thank you…You really made me feel Mehfuz…Every song seemed worth it when I hit upon your website.
    God bless.. Stay Mehfuz.. and let the music play on..
    P.S: I really am an ordinary singer.. no riyaaz, nothing..the only harkat I know is the way I move… ha ha ha… I’m just a trained doctor, who could sing a bit..and entertain a lot.. So, let me entertain you….

  4. diwaker

    *@palash*: whoa! thats the closest I’ve come to encounter with a celebrity! Of course, given that its trivial to “pose” as someone (anyone, for that matter) in the comment, there’s always the possibility that someone is just messing around. But what the hell, I’m just going to assume that you are indeed the “real” Palash :-)

    Well good job dude, and keep up the good work!

  5. Diana

    i totally agree…i think Euphoria has just done it all over again and again…and i know most point above said are opinionated, but what the heck…i personally can declare…if there is one song i can totallllly relate to my life….(after listening and appreciating numerous rnb, soul, english rock)…it has to be Mehfuz…
    Amazing work done…im not much of judge…but as of a layman to the fraternity and an ardent music lover…the song gets 10 on 10.
    Hoping to hear more of the same kind….soon…

  6. diwaker

    *@diana*: hola! First time around here? If so, welcome. If not, welcome back! :) Yep, Mehfuz is pretty good. You might want to check out “Alms for Shanti” — they’re not like Euphoria, but they’re good.

  7. Ullas

    They seem to be the only consistent band out there…and yes, IO is great, Fuzon is decent, Euphoria is amazing…Parikrama are good live performers, but how many originals do they have in the nearly two decades they have been around? Euphoria is one of those rare bands which can compose good music and perform it live with aplomb…

  8. Diwaker Gupta

    *@vaibhav*: I doubt. I may try, but don’t hold your breath for it!

    *@ullas*: Hey, welcome to my blog! Parikrama have carved out a niche for doing shows at colleges, but thats about it. I’ve been trying out some new bands (check out the Pop section at but none of them even come close to Euphoria.

  9. Manish


    Was listening to Mehfuz right now so thought should check up the blog threads. Hmm.. looks like you have a bunch of Euphoria fans here.

    Parikrama are too cool when performing live. Their originals But It Rained and Open Skies were amazing too but the fact is these bands are not as openly accepted as only “rock ballads” are liked by desi junta.

    Nothing against Euphoria as they are good at what they do. But I think they are not the best in the business. But then I am the club of one on this page. :-)

    PS – Check out the new guys on

  10. Ullas

    @ Diwaker
    Even I am a fan of Parikrama and I liked BIR and Open Skies…but how many other originals do they have? Load Up, Whiskey Blues, Till I am Noone Again and Rhythm&Blues…recently they composed a song for Microsoft employees…bus, I don’t know of any other songs…and that number is sad considering the time they have spent on the scene..

  11. Ullas

    And yeah, I did check the page you sent me…I guess that says it all…either bollywood remixes, or talent hunt winners, paki pop or hopeless wannabes…wish Silk Route would come up with an album soon…Kailash Kher’s album too is decent.

  12. Maniche D

    hey guys, neva thought wud stumble upon this site where i’d find sum euphoric ppl, euphoria rox but its a pity they havent been to our side of the world, Johannesburg, South Africa, we’re a bunch of Dhoomers who love euphoria…n to e/one on this site, keep rocking…

  13. zain

    When i first heard this song i was overwhelmed because after maeri this is the song of my kind.No movie has produced a her5at touching song in recent times as MEHFUZ.Palash and group i congratulate you on this occasion that you have given us a song which is worth listening over and over again.

  14. Sharon

    I have heard Mehfuz.. for the first time when Euphoria played for Microsoft… I happened to go there as a fren of mine invited ….. I think its a Great song… Cheers to the Team for a great performance…. Special cheers to Hitesh….. I really Love him.. more than my Husband… ;-)

  15. Diwaker Gupta

    *@ullas*: do you remember what song it was (the one for M$ employees)? I’m curious.

    *@zain*: amen buddy. First time around here?

    *@sharon*: Welcome to my blog! Glad you enjoy Euphoria as well :-) And make sure your husband doesn’t read this post ;-) :-p

  16. Sharon

    This is my first time here…. they played almost all the songs from their albums….this was for Microsoft @ Hyderabad on 20th August’06..I attended the party with my husband.. and he knows I love Hitesh..I wish I could share a couple of the pictures from the party… ut I dont know if can download them here… and if I can .. I dont know how… like I said I am here for the first time…

  17. Ullas

    @ Diwaker Gupta

    The song was called superhero…it can be downloaded from Parikrama’s official website

    @ Sharon

    I don’t think your husband should be complaining. These days, Euphoria has inducted two cute looking female members into their bands. So now you both can look forward to Euphoria concerts ;-)

  18. Maniche

    hey diwakar, thanx for the email addy, will sure write to them, btw, im lissening to Strings-Dhaani….quite a cool album it also has kahani mohobat ki, na jaane kyun, chaaye chaaye, bichda yaar, etc….worth every cent of ur money n every second of ur time, cheers guys…keep well

  19. Diwaker Gupta

    *@sharon*: Oh nice, I didn’t realize you were talking about M$ Hyderabad. I’ve heard that new campus is pretty good. As for the pics, yes its going to be hard uploading there here, but you can always put them up on flickr or Yahoo photos or something and then just post a link here :)

    *@ullas: two females?! Are you serious? Man, I had no idea! Actually I just checked their website (wayy too much flash guys and wayy to much red) and nothing there either.

    *@maniche*: Yeah, Strings are ok. Actually I haven’t heard the songs in quite a while. Maybe its time to revisit them :)

  20. Ullas

    @ Maniche
    Just in case you feel like writing to strings as well, their email id is

    @ Sharon
    Yeah thats an issue…the chicks are absent on the website probably coz they are new inductions. In any case, Polly’s image has dwarfed everyone else’s in Euphoria which is a negative aspect of the band. But there is a lot of info on their website.

    About Strings, they are the most consistent band across the border along with Junoon. Slightly conventional but damn good.

  21. Maniche

    hey ullas,
    thanx buddy for the info, will def write to them as well, im presently lissening to Jal of aadat n lamhay fame, they quite cool as well, even downloaded the tabs for their tracks n strings as well, me n my 2 brothers-in-law jam on weekends n between the 3 of us we got acoustic guitars, keyboards n vocals n we have an absolute blast(nuthing short of it)doing cover versions of their tracks, cheers guys keep up the good work….n rock onnnn

  22. Maniche

    hey ullas, thanx buddy for the info on strings, appreciate it….wil def write to them as well, im lissening to jal of aadat n woh lamhe fame, they quite good as well, even d/loaded tabs for their tracks n strings tracks as well, me n my 2 brothers-in-law jam on weekends n between us we have acoustic guitars, keyboard, n vocals n we have a blast(nuthing short of it) when we get together n do covers of strings, jal, etc…this site can maybe help us d/load some tabs of music like jal, strings, euphoria(def the best)…havent heard of parikrama though but we looking for more acoustic stuff, cheers guys, keep well n rock onnnnn

  23. Rads

    Mehfuz is really good but the track i like the most is Doha. He has done a very good job of using some of ever so relevant kabir doha’s. I personally am a bigger fan of Strings. I just love Faisal Kapadia voice.

  24. Ullas

    @ Rads

    Strings are a class act as well…probably the most consistent band other side of the border. Right from sar kiye yeh pahaar to zinda, they rock.

  25. Rads

    I agree with you…the best thing about a band like Euphoria and Stirng is that there is atleast one song that every one has to is like impossible not to like at least one of their song if not all ( i find it difficult to pick which i like the most..)

  26. Diwaker Gupta

    *@maniche*: thats awesome man! I’m just learning to play an acoustic guitar… its going slow. Hopefully one day I’ll learn enough to be able to jam with friends :) have fun!

    *@rads*: yeah, Doha is very well done. I have Strings but somehow never got around to listening them all that much. I guess I’ll revisit my Strings collection.

    *@ullas*: Zinda was tooooo good. Everytime we have a party and that song comes up, everyone gets together and sings along. Its fantastic!

  27. Ullas

    @ Diwaker

    Not just the zinda title song…there is also another song called har saans in the film which has been composed by strings…its a cracker as well sung by Krishna…

  28. Maniche

    havent really heard har saans, which movie is it from?? thez a track called Pal by Strings its a duet with our own Sagarika its got quite a U2 sort of a tune, euphoria is by far the best i’ve heard, must admit that we not quite good at doing euphoria’s covers, polly sings too high n i think he’s got an extra pair of lungs, good for him though, mehfuz is good music wise, lyrics wise n so is kyna’s song, doha is also quite unusual, kabeer must b smiling s/where up there, euphoria’s here to stay for a long long time 2 come

  29. Ullas

    @ Maniche
    Har Saans is from the film Zinda…and Pal has a striking resemblance to U2′s Where the streets have no name…i mean, the way the two songs start…

  30. Diwaker Gupta

    *@ullas*: oh I love that song! I didn’t know it was Strings though. Thanks!

    *@maniche*: dood, do you guys record your sessions? You should, and put it up somewhere so others can enjoy and learn! I love Palash’s highs and try my best to blow my lungs out whenever I can :-)

  31. Maniche

    diwaker we been trying to do that now since some time n im sure we’ll get our sessions posted on ur site when we finally do succeed but in the meantime if any of u guys do come to south africa we can have some live jam weekends….will b nice to meet up with ppl who have like minded interests…cheers to ullas too n e/one else on ur blog, man its cool, i love coming here….cheers guys, have one for me…

  32. Ullas

    Btw, Palash Sen turned 40 this week…can you believe it? That man who screams like a monster has turned 40. Now Euphoria is composing for upcoming Bollywood movies, Shootout at Lokhandwala and Dhoom 2.

  33. Neeti

    Stumbled upon this while searching for somethign Euphoria related :) Been a fan ever since I heard Maaeri and Dhoom Pichuk. I’ve been listening to some of the bands that you people have talked about, and I must say most are really good. I really like Strings. Thanks for the recommendations!

  34. rahul

    [quote comment="723"]Bro,
    Thank you thank you thank you…You really made me feel Mehfuz…Every song seemed worth it when I hit upon your website.
    God bless.. Stay Mehfuz.. and let the music play on..
    P.S: I really am an ordinary singer.. no riyaaz, nothing..the only harkat I know is the way I move… ha ha ha… I’m just a trained doctor, who could sing a bit..and entertain a lot.. So, let me entertain you….[/quote]

    seems like this palash is indeed the real deal…..

  35. Maniche

    hey diwakar/ullas, just stumbled on Atif Aslam’s Deep Blue version of Aadat…its on his first album Jal Pari. try n lissen to it, he’s really hit some decent highs(a la Polly), its awesum guys…cheers, n have one for me

  36. Ullas

    @ Maniche
    Yes, the deep blue version is a cracker. And guys, Strings have released a new anti-war song called Beirut. Haven’t checked it out but got good reviews. And Euphoria’s new vdo is out today Rab Jaane.



  38. Vinay Pandey

    Hey guys ..i really want to know that from where i can download or i can buy the Cd’s for Euphoria’s First Album ‘Dhoom’.
    I really need it. Its mine one of the best album ever.I tried lot in Mumbai but cant get it.People are saying that this Cd’s are no more available.

  39. The Pumpkin King

    @Manish Amde

    Well a little late but still on time to clear a few points…

    U said that none of the band members but Palash is worth a mention..

    Have you seen Rikki, Ben and DJ play? Do you know that Ashwani is a level 8 (Trinity) Drummer?

    I found your post to be highly entertaining and amusing… if u wanna chk out the so called “Rock” track by Euphoria, download the Medisin Man… will be fun…

    Narrow and Shallow… :p

    • Manish Amde

      @ Pumpkin
      Thanks for enlightening me Pumpkin. :P

      Since, it was a friend’s blog, I thought it thought it would be nice to leave my thoughts with him. Little did I know that it would become such a popular fan place.

      I do LIKE Euphoria. I love Maeri. They are not my favourite desi band though and that was the point.

      Yes, I have seen them live twice and no they did not pass muster for me.To each his own.

      PS: Before I get flamed by die-hard fans, I am going to retire from this thread. This will be my last post. Will leave you guys to exchange notes with each other. So if you don’t like what I said, please ignore it. Everyone has his own opinions.

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