**Floating Sun**

Why is this site called //Floating Sun//? Here’s how the story goes …

Sometime around the summer of 2005, I decided to move my website off of UCSD machines and onto a professional hosting provider. But I had to come up with a good name for my website first. Creative juices were not flowing (as usual), and so I started off with some online tools (sorry, I can’t locate them now) that let you give two or three words and then they would go off and make combinations with those words and related words and show which domain names were still available and so on.

After wasting some time on them, I thought what the hell, let me just pick something from my life. As you know, my name means “sun” in Hindi. Also, I’m not yet “anchored” in my life yet (career wise or family wise). And so I came up with Floating Sun.

As for the choice of the TLD, when I was searching for domain names, the “.name” TLD was just beginning to show up. So I registered for “” — but it didn’t sound cool and I had some problems with email forwarding and so on. Anyways, so .name was out; .com was obviously out; I didn’t want a .org because I was not an organization. Which left .net; and I thought it might work because eventually this website might grow as a network of my family members. Heh heh.

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