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Over the last year or so, I have often felt guilty (the feeling used to come and go) for hosting personal content such as my blog and the photo gallery on my lab machine. Hosting them on the departmental web server wouldn’t have been any different. Besides, nowadays hosting is so cheap and convinient, there really wasn’t any good reason for me to continue //using// school resources in such a manner. I mean, there was nothing //wrong//, strictly speaking, I just didn’t feel very comfortable.

During the move, my machine was down for a few days and this acted as a catalyst — I finally decided to take the plunge. So I got myself a domain name, registered with a hosting service ([[ | PowWeb]]) and setup the blog and gallery there. Of course I moved all of the static content as well.

I’m still tweaking and tuning the website, so let me know if you see something broken. Also, it’ll be great to get some feedback on the response time — if you see things slowing down, let me know and I can bug the folks at PowWeb.

**Why** you ask?

Well, __sun__ because that’s what my name means in Hindi. And __floating__ because I think thats how human lives are (see Forrest Gump for more on this) — atleast I’m still floating towards my destiny :-) Finally, I chose the __.net__ domain because I didn’t want to use .com (I’m not a commercial entity) or .org (neither am I an organization). I did get interested in the __.name__ TLD (infact, I also have a domain registered there, but there are still some pending issues there), but decided that was simpler, shorter and sounded cooler B-) !

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