Adsense for blogs sucks

Jaya [[|talked about this]] a while back. The google ads on my blog are //so// pathetic. What is surprising though is that they are not completely random. So for instance, one of my first posts on this blog (which is around when I put adsense here as well) was on [[|mail forwarding and SMTP servers]]. And the ads at that time were on these topics as well.

So far so good. However, since then, the ads haven’t changed much. They still keep talking about mail services and SMTP. For some reason it seems Adsense is not “sensing” my content any more. Do people have any tips on this? Both my blog and my site use Google sitemaps. I try to link when I’m not lazy. I use tags that connect to technorati, flickr, wikipedia.

What else can I do? Why won’t these ads make more sense? I mean its really bad when I’m viewing single posts. The ads just don’t make //any// sense. Google, you listening?


  1. Jaya Jha

    I guess the problem is rather simple. Somwhere is adsense help, I read that it woould usually take some time for relevant ad to appear on your site. Now what could be the reson? I guess, it so because they do “sense” the content in real time, rather make crawls at certain intervals. Should work fine for static pages or blogs with focussed content, but plays havoc on blogs otherwise. Mostly like they happened to crawl your blog when that post was up and now till they crawl again, the same ad will keep appearing :-)

  2. diwaker

    Nah, thats not true. Google crawls pretty often. More than once a week, actually. Static vs. dynamic might be an issue, but if its _this_ bad, then well…

  3. diwaker

    Thanks for that linke, Eric! I’ve implemented targeted sections (and de-emphasized certain sections such as the menu). Hopefully I’ll see some improvement soon :-)

  4. Adsense Sucks

    Google burned me good with AdSense. I had been running their contextual text links on a half dozen of my sites.. after I had earned about $400, they sent me some lame ‘invalid clicks’ email which looked like it wasn’t even written by a human. I had no idea what they were talking about, and offered to fix the problem.. they ignored my responses and I never saw the money.

    I would avoid AdSense like the plague. I googled around about this, and it seems to happen to a lot of people, and always when it’s getting close to payout time.

    I’ve since swapped out all my CPC adsense ads with CPA ads from “AzoogleAds”: .. I’m making WAY more money with them, and the checks show up on time every month when they’re supposed to. No lame excuses or reps hiding under their desks.

    I have earned over $200,000 USD lifetime with them, and I’ve been paid on time every time. I would strongly suggest that folks check them out, and quit running adsense before you get burned too. It’s quite unpleasant to drive in thousands of legitimate clicks over the course of months, and get screwed by google when it comes time to square up.

    I’d like to mention that I’m not an employee of AzoogleAds, nor am I trying to spam their name out.. I just think they’re a rock solid Internet marketing agency, and they’ve never burned me like google did.. even on 5 figure checks.

    Two Thumbs Up!

  5. Seth

    Hey Diwaker, have you tried WidgetBucks yet? I’ve been earning almost twice as much with WidgetBucks compared to AdSense. Plus, the ads are optimized for WordPress, Blogger, and even TypePad. Check out this WidgetBucks review for some more info.

  6. Diwaker Gupta

    @Seth: I hadn’t actually, thanks for the pointer! I have (or had) mostly given up on making money off of this blog. But hey, I might still give WidgetBucks a shot :)

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