Show me the money!!

Since I’m now paying for hosting my website out of my own pocket, I figured there’s no harm in trying out the [[ | Google Adsense]] program. Hopefully the ads are not too distracting, and hopefully they don’t break anything in the site. If they do, let me know.

On the main page, the ads appear in the sidebar, since this page is usually long. For single posts, the ads appear beneath the comment form. I’ve tried to modify the backgrounds and borders so that they don’t break the look and feel of the site.

Though, I was wondering how Google prevents people from gaming the system. I mean, registration in Adsense is free. So I put the ads on my website, and then write a bot that keeps clicking the links on the ads and refreshing the page over and over again. How does Google determine its now the owner of the ads but some third party? Surely it can’t be that simple. I guess I’m missing something obvious. If people know, do drop a note. I’ll try to dig up some more information on this meanwhile.

And now, I just wait to become a millionaire!! muaahahahahhaa :-D

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