Problems with ALA 4.0

I was just looking through the [[|ALA]] website, when I noticed a few quirks:

* its a //fixed-width// design, so if you try to view the site in a narrow window (anything less than 600px should be enough to demonstrace, I think) you’ll see a scrollbar show up at the bottom and then you have to scroll horizontally to get at all the content. I don’t quite understand why ALA didn’t opt for a more fluid design, when they have a [[|plethora of articles]] on creating [[|flexible]], [[|elastic]] [[|designs]]
* they don’t have a separate stylesheet for print media. That would have been perfectly fine, if the site printed ok. I just tried a simple “Print to file” from Firefox, and for some weird reason it seems that columns of text in subsequent pages increasingly keep shifting towards the right until after about the 3rd or 4rd page, no text is visible on the page. Maybe this is a problem specific to printing to file from Firefox, but I’d still say its a problem.

But otherwise, really great design. Excellent choice of fonts, and colors. I like that they don’t overuse images in their design (basically just for the logo).

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