Google Talk

As countless have already noted, Google [[|Talk]] is now online.

I’ve tried it partially (as in I was only speaking, the other party didn’t have a mic so I couldn’t listen), but the other party said that the sound quality was //exceptional//. But I think I’d wait to I actually hear it myself before I come to any conclusions.

The good thing is that they are using XMPP/Jabber for the text messaging, so you can use any Jabber client (Gaim, Kopete etc) to connect to the Talk network. Of course, you don’t enjoy the VoIP feature in that case.

But I’m not sure how great a move is this. I mean, is Google going after Skype? BTW, Skype works on Linux as well, and pretty well (this, I have tried). So unless Google Talk comes out with a client that works on Linux, they’re not impressing me.

**Update**: There is already [[|speculation]] on a potential take-over/buy-out of Skype by Google. Amen!


  1. Vibhanshu

    Skype has a tie up with Y! i guess. So the one’s buying skype would be y! Haven’t tried our GOOG Talk, dosent run on my machine :’(

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