Computerworld Development Survey

Here’s the [[,10801,100542,00.html | survey]]

Here are some of my comments:

* C# seems to be really taking off. [sigh] Now I have learn yet another language. But its fun learning a new language :) However, first I need some interesting project to work on… Will all the talk about [[ | Python moving into the enterprise]] I wonder when it will creep into the top 5 list. Although, somehow even I’m skeptical about writing enterprise application with a language like Python, because it has this scripty, toyish language kind of feel, and something like Java just seems so much more mature and organized. Other factors like IDE and debugging support also make a lot of difference I guess.
* It was interesting to see that open source software is being used more and more in the industry. My take is that commoditized software (like mailing list managers, web servers) are going to be completely dominated by open source. Niche software (like simulation tools, CRM/ERP apps) will still face competition from propritary vendors.
* Everyone seems to be confused about the future of 64-bit. Its obvious that eventually everything will be 64, but recent moves by the industry (IBM withdrew support for the Itanium, for instance) has not done much to bolster confidence in this new architecture.
* UML is going down. I guess that era of software engineering is coming to an end. What is going to be the future in this area? With languages like Python around, I think prototyping will become a much more predominant development model.

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