Big giants opening up

While SCO continues to chase Big Blue and other tech giants in the Linux feud, other big tech companies have made positive moves towards open source in the past few days.

Sun announced that they intend to open up the source code for Solaris. Google has also announced that they are going to release part of their source code to the open source community. In a surprise move, Microsoft also gave away its Windows Template Library to be hosted at

IMHO, for most part this opening up is due to fear. IBM and RedHat have been leading the way for profitable commercial development using open source technologies for quite a while now. In the past few years, Sun has seen its server market shrink down, again encroached upon by IBM. With the launch of the Java Desktop System, Sun is now trying to get into the Linux and open source business.

To build a good and reliable brand name with the open source community, Sun needs to show its intent and commitment towards the philosophy that is open source. Sun even announced that they are thinking about opening up Java, though Sun will still strictly control what is and what is not “pure” Java.

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