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Mystery Spot

Last weekend I had gone to the [[http://www.mysteryspot.com|Mystery Spot]] with a good friend.

It was fun. Not because Mystery Spot is just fabulous, hardly so, but simply because I had a good time. As for Mystery Spot, I was a little unfazed. I mean, I couldn’t really see any “mystery” and the demos were also not that impressive.

Our tour guide was great though — she kept everyone entertained for almost an hour. It was fun walking around in that crooked house :-) At the end of the tour she asked how many people thought it was all just an optical illusion and I was the only one who raised my hand :-)

I would have been really impressed had they actually shown a compass going awry or something like that. But they glossed over all the best parts saying that it doesn’t happen all the time.

We went to [[http://www.beachboardwalk.com/|Boardwalk]] after that and it was //so much// fun! The water was cold but we still got in :-) But the parking was a total rip-off — $10!!! :-O

Off again!

This time I’m going to Crater Lake and Lava beds over the long (4th july) weekend. I’ll be back monday evening.

Meanwhile there’s plenty of chaos back at UCSD because of the move. resolute will be going down very soon, and I don’t know if and when it will be back up. So don’t hold your breath (as if you were!!)

So long, and have fun!

Big Basin

I had a great this time weekend hiking/camping. There were 6 of us: moi, [[http://www.crhc.uiuc.edu/~gaonkar/|Shravan]], [[http://www.cs.duke.edu/~grit/|Laura]], Yin, Ginger and Ryan.

We left Friday evening and camped out at [[http://employeeprograms.hp.com/little-basin/|Little Basin]]. My camping experience this time was much better than the last—the camp site was much more like the traditional camping ground I had in mind, there weren’t too many people around, the jungle was lush and dense, the weather was nice, it wasn’t hot or dry and we even had an interesting incident with a racoon!

I also learnt a lot about traditional camping practices here in the US—like s’mores or the common breakfast and lunches people have, or quickly setting up a tent and so on.

On Saturday we drove to the [[http://www.bigbasin.org/|Big Basin State Park]] and hiked on an eight mile trail (actually we looped across walking on one trail the first half and coming back through a second one on the latter half). There were some nice waterfalls on the way, and we had a good time walking and talking and lunching together.

I’m back

I’m back from Netherlands, and my first conference. The conference was just about okay — not totally in my area, so didn’t meet a whole lot of interesting people; not totally well organized, so not a whole lot fun — but on the whole it was an amazing experience! Volendam was a nice, quaint, little old town. Though a bit pricey, I must say. Hotel Spaander was, well unique. Lots of fine arts, good on facilities and average on services. Quite surprisingly, network connectivity was a scarce resource at this particular “networking” conference — quite an irony actually, if you ask me.