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Gallery 2 released!

After a loong wait, [[http://drupal.gallery2.org/|gallery2]] has finally been released. Its damn good! I have upgraded my gallery2 installation as well as my WordPress Gallery 2 ([[http://wpg2.ozgreg.com/index.php/Main_Page|WPG2]]) plugin. The most awaited change for me is that now my blog pages validated XHTML strict :-)

Yay for open source!


Last two nights have been quite frustrating — this website is taking up more time than I intended :(

But its all my fault. No one asked me to upgrade to WordPress “1.6 ALPHA DO NOT USE” version. Its just my itch! Arghh!!! Anyways, somewhere during the upgrade process I broke my permalinks, then [[http://www.neato.co.nz/ultimate-tag-warrior | UTW]] stopped working, then I tried going back to an older version and that didn’t work either, my database was almost jeopardized.

I almost tore my hair out.

Anyways, things look better now. Permalinks are working (but everytime I write a post or edit a page, they break again — thats just //so lame//). So I’ll watch out for that. Besides that [[http://www.neato.co.nz/ | Christine]] added color support to the tag cloud, so thats pretty neat. Good job Christine! Fortunately Gallery2 and WPG2 have been exceptionally well behaved throughout this mess. And now I’ve vowed not to do an upgrade until the stable version of WordPress and Gallery2 has been announced.

Ok, back to work now

New look

For those who haven’t noticed, my website has a new look :) Not only that, this time the blog, gallery and the static content are well integrated with the same theme. Further, this theme is written from scratch by yours truly :) So I’m pretty excited about the whole setup. I’ve updated gallery to the new and shiny gallery 2 beta, and things are looking great. I love the random image feature in the sidebar :)