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Indian Sweets in the Kitchen

JohnC wrote a cute post over on his blog that filled me with nostalgia. I figured I’d respond with a counter-point and shamelessly stole the title from the original post :) So go read his post first.

Welcome back. I’ve been meaning to write a series of posts about my startup experience(s) and John’s post is good inspiration. If nothing else, I’ll try to post something to supplement or respond to his posts.

Back to Kaju Barfi (also known as Kaju Katli by many). First, a picture:

Kaju Barfi
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John makes a good point about being in a diverse environment surrounded by people who come from different cultures and backgrounds. I have seen myself grow personally and intellectually in similar situations. While I agree that US immigration law needs serious reform, let there be no doubt that there are very few countries that are as immigrant-friendly as the United States. Countless people from all over the world have come to the US, made it their home and contributed to all walks of society. I can not imagine Americans having the same kind of success in India as Indians have had in the US.

Another experience probably most Indians in the US would share is this: only when you are outside India do you realize how little you know about your country. Over the years I’ve been asked all sorts of questions about India — from naive ones about elephants and snake-charmers to hard-hitting ones about religion, freedom and corruption.

While we are on the subject of Kaju Barfi, do you see the silver material coating the surface of the barfi’s in the picture above? Here’s an advice — do NOT microwave that thing! Or any other Indian sweet that has the silver foil. It is a question that comes up often: what is it? what is it’s purpose? The silver foil is commonly called “vark” in India and yes, traditionally it is meant to be a super-thin silver foil. It servers no particular purpose other than to give a grandiose look to the sweets — it is edible and does not modify the taste of the sweets.

You may worry about consuming metal with your sweets and if you think that many people likely don’t use silver anymore, you’d probably be right. But relative to the challenges our world faces, I’d say its a minor concern. Hundreds of millions who are eating the silver foiled sweets daily are doing just fine.

John, I’ll bring you a box next time I’m in India!