Rupee symbol finalists

The ToI reported a few days ago that there are five finalists for the Indian Rupee symbol:

Rupee symbol finalists

I had previously written about the Rupee symbol here. The ToI seems to suggest that #4 is the likely candidate. According to the article, the symbol should have been decided by now, but I haven’t found any information to that effect. Does anyone know the final outcome? I can’t say I like any of the finalists that much, but I guess out of the five #4 is probably one of the better ones.


    • Diwaker Gupta

      @Himanshu Khatri: Thanks for the update, Khatri bhai! I’m still ambivalent about the whole symbol thing. And as Abhaga points out, it will be a while before anyone can start using it anyways. All the controversy surrounding the selection procedure doesn’t help either.

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