My experiences with Apple: A poem

Apple Inc.
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I’m a Linux guy; Windows was never my thing honey
Apple seemed interesting, but required too much money

I have ideological problems with Apple too,
What with all the DRM and hardware lock-in they do.

But people are crazy about Apple, and I used to wonder why,
I had a dream: to own Apple products that I didn’t have to buy.

A few months back my wife gifted me an iPhone, bro!
And then at work I got the new Macbook Pro!!

Thus suddenly I was an Apple user,
Sure, some people called me a sore loser.

Allow me to share my early experiences,
Some accolades and some grievances.

I’ll try to keep a neutral tone,
Shall focus on the Mac and not the iPhone.

Integration, integration, integration!
The attention to detail gives a wonderful sensation.

User experience is the key,
Excellent design is for all to see.

They’ve taken care of the enterprises,
Exchange support, Google integration — no surprises.

It’s by far the best laptop I’ve ever used,
The hardware is slick, the software is smooth.

Image representing iTunes as depicted in Crunc...
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But boy do I hate iTunes,
It’s so broken it should be called Looney Tunes.

Try connecting multiple iPhones to the same device,
Or plug your iPhone in another laptop (poor advice).

Sync is threatening, sounds like a bully.
“I shall sync or destroy”, that just sounds silly.

The Terminal app should aspire higher,
No 256-color support leaves much to desire.

Keyboard shortcuts are hard to find,
Change them? you must be out of your mind!

“Features” like “Spaces” are overrated,
More like awaited, belated and deflated.

I prefer iTerm over Terminal and Adium for chat,
Chrome over Safari, and this over that.

I’m certainly not blown away,
But a Mac is convenient, I have to say.

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  1. Karthick

    This my friend is good advice.
    Works for the novices,
    trained to the windows device.

    My experience similar,
    Disaster was here.
    When I tried to copy data
    “NTFS” you gotta do betta!

    Refused to sync the files I had in my hand.
    This left alone of the system of my USB Land.

    Faith I have not given up, speak I will
    Apples beautiful for the designer and some more still.
    To be functional it cannot claim much
    But a thing of beauty is a joy to touch.

    I’m glad I read this comment and expressed this stuff
    Floating sun – good poetry, calls your bluff.

  2. Mohit Aron

    Di Gupta Ji,

    didn’t realize you were also a poet!

    You might want to try out MediaMonkey which is a free software and can work with your iPhone. Its quite nice compared to iTunes – even gets around most of the iTunes restrictions (e.g., allows you to copy music out of your iPhone).

    I myself decided to move over to Android. I got the Samsung Captivate – its quite nice though the UI is still behind iPhone in my opinion. What I like the most is the freedom – e.g., full integration with Google voice. Give it some more time and Android will well surpass the iPhone even in the UI.

    - Mohit

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