Blogging bug bites academia

Back in 2004, when I discovered blogs, blogging was received with cautious optimism among most academic circles as far as I know. But over the past year or two, more and more people in academia have started to blog. Probably a sign that blogs are being taken seriously as a means of disseminating information, as a vehicle for sharing ideas and gathering feedback, and also, as a valuable tool for brand building and maintenance.

This post was triggered by the fact that my advisor, Prof. Amin Vahdat, is also blogging now! Let me take this opportunity to highlight some academic blogs that I know of.

Please share any other interesting blogs from the academia you may know of in the comments!


  1. siddharth dave

    thanks for posting this.
    i was pleasantly surprised to find their writings pretty eloquent and interesting (read some of amin’s and abadi’s posts) .
    i had assumed it was going to be pedantic , with phd level ppl as implicit audience ! :-)

    on the same note , how has been your experience working on the fusion of map-reduce & database engineering ?

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