I have been away from this blog for quite a while now and much has happened since then. The past few months have been extremely busy but also quite eventful. 2008 was a very important year for me as I hit several big milestones. Each of these warrant posts of their own, but these one-liners will do for now.


First, I successfully defended my PhD on October 31st. I have since finished all the paperwork and filed my dissertation. I am now, officially, Dr. Gupta! :-)


Second, I had a blast doing job interviews, and was in the difficult, but fortunate position of having to choose among several excellent offers, especially given the current economy. I will be joining Aster Data in a few days!


And finally, I got married to this most wonderful woman! While our wedding was crazy and intense and hectic and a ton of fun, I have come to believe that the reason marriages are more successful in India is that just one marriage drains you so much that you can’t even think about ever getting married again :-D

Diwaker and Surabhi


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