uBoggle is a featured application!

[[http://uboggle.appspot.com|uBoggle]] is now appearing as the **featured application** on the [[http://appengine.google.com|Google AppEngine]] [[http://appgallery.appspot.com|Application Gallery]]. Thank you for your votes, and thanks to the appgallery editors!

And I have a screenshot for proof and posterity :)

uBoggle is the featured application on App Gallery
uBoggle is the featured application on App Gallery


  1. Harsha

    The other day Michael Vrable was mentioning that he was dabbling with S3 and now I see that you are into Google’s App engine. I should get fundaes from both of you after the NSDI deadline :)

    BTW, can’t you make the words be highlighted on the board as the user types in your uboggle app? Also, rather than start a new board for every user, you could create boards in “rounds” and have a leaderboard per round. Of all the boggle apps on the web, I find wordsplay.net the best for precisely this reason; the leaderboard gives the game an extra edge because of the sense of competition it creates :)

  2. Diwaker Gupta

    @Harsha: Actually we have a multiplayer version already, but it isn’t quite feature complete nor hasn’t seen enough testing yet so we haven’t publicized it much :) You can test it out at uboggle.appspot.com/multiplayer and let me know if it works for you. The highlight as you type is also very doable, I’ll add it to our feature-list. BTW the Boggle app on Facebook (Prolific) also has a good multiplayer version.

  3. Harsha

    Great! The multiplayer version works for me, but I guess you need a higher page rank on Google to have multiple players there at the same time ;) Also, in the multiplayer version it would be useful to take the user’s nickname as input so that users don’t necessarily have to reveal their gmail IDs in the leaderboard :)

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