1. Ashish Sanyal

    Enough is enough – the PM should call the bluff of the communist, they will be a worried lot because their seats in parliament will come down by at least half – 30/35.

    Suprized that Advani continues to whip up hindu passions – he too will get a rude shock.

    Inflation matbe 12% but we are still growing at 7% pa.

    The Congress should continue to support the Prime Minister – the first and only honest PM
    we have had in the last 25 years.

    Hang in there – Manmohanjee. The nation is behnd you. But will someone pl explain what
    this nuclear deal is all about? (99% of the nation do not have a clue!!)

  2. Diwaker Gupta

    @Ashish Sanyal: “first and only honest PM in the last 25 years”?? You gotta be kidding me right? The current PM has been reduced to something even lesser than a figure head.

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