Vote for Taj

I found two excellent web sites for more information: [[|Vote for Taj]], yet another [[|Vote for Taj]]

I had heard about the ongoing [[|vote for the new 7 wonders]] of the world. I had dutifully cast my vote as well. But friends and acquaintances kept coming back with forwards urging me to cast my vote again and how Taj was losing because of the lazyness of Indians. I never really paid much attention to these emails, until I read [[|this]].

While all news has its biass, I do give some weight to stories that BBC runs and so I’m a little concerned now. Please //please// go to the [[|7 wonders website]] and cast your vote. Ask your family and friends if they have voted. The website requires a stupid email based registration, but whatever. And if you have access to multiple email addresses (as most of us these days do) …

The article doesn’t talk about how far behind Taj is, but there’s nothing like too many votes. It is also possible to [[|vote by phone]], so people in India might find that more convenient. Simply **SMS TAJ to 4567**.


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