Two WordPress Widgets

As you can see, I’ve moved back to [[|K2]] and I’m actually running off of [[|the SVN sources]]. So I started checking out [[|Wordpress Widgets]] and found myself needing a [[|couple of my own]]. So here they are — perhaps some of you will find them useful:

* [[|UTW Related Posts Widget]]
* [[|Subpages Widget]]


  1. Chris

    Hi Diwaker,

    am using your tool UTW Related Posts, but somehow it stopped working as it should with the latest WordPress Releases.

    Sometimes it doesn’t show Related Posts anymore, even though the tags are similar to UTW and should actually show some posts. The link on your post here don’t seem to work as well anymore.
    Besides that I’m using a blog tool to post (Zoundry Blog Writer), which sometime requires me to edit the last post per hand (via WordPress) to make the plugin find a Related Post.

    Are you planning to update that great plugin? I really would love to continue using it @ my blog, because it’s small and easy to use.

    Thanks a 1001 times and all the best!


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