Tools I use: qalculate

[[|Qalculate]]’s tagline says “the ultimate desktop calculator”. Might sound a little obnoxious, but it really is and I’ll show some of the really neat features that make it so. Do give it a try and you’ll plenty more!

So what is qalculate? First and foremost, its a calculator. Which means that it can do what you typically expect a calculator to do, no surprises there. Here’s a screenshot of the main window. There’s a convinient history window as well, and a handy keypad if you should need it.


But I’ve never had to use the keypad because the one truly great thing about qalculate is the input mechanism — its extremely smart, context sensitive and natural language oriented. So converting 50 kgs to lbs is as simple as typing “50 kgs to lbs”! And if you don’t know how to represent a unit (pounds or lbs), not to worry, qalculate will provide completion options as you go along:


And then qalculate can be used to do a lot of other things: simplify algebraic expression, solve equations (I believe it can do some calculus as well), a plethora of banking related functions (compute accrued interest etc), lots and lots of geometry related stuff.


Check out the [[|full feature list]], and also take a look at some of the [[|screenshots]]. I love this thing!


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