Google and Urchin

I was talking to Asim yesterday and he seemed to be having a hard time understanding exactly what my problem was, vis-a-vis the Google/Urchin/Analytics fiasco. He couldn’t imagine why anyone would get pissed if they were paying for some product and now that product comes for free.

I guess I didn’t communicate well. Perhaps, the [[|this story]] from [[|Zevents]] will help — its a good example of what has happened to many Urchin customers. And this was just for Urchin 6. The older, Urchin 5 customers have had to deal with even worse customer support.

Here’s one quote from a Mr. Scott Crosby, supposedly at Urchin in response to [[|this post]]:

>Urchin certainly isn’t “killed” a la Keylime, quite the opposite – it’s going absolutely gangbusters. Perhaps the best analogy is that being part of Google is like trying to drink water from a fire hose – not easy to keep up with the volume. We are rapidly ramping up staff and resellers to accommodate the flood of inquiries, have massively expanded our infrastructure, and have cut the price in half (on demand). Not sure how that’s evil, but I can appreciate customer frustration. We’re doing our best to keep up, but there are only so many hours in the day. That said, please try or – many improvements have been made and response times are much better.

To which, Nathan said:

> There’s one thing that continually surprises me, and what I think Mr. Crosby missed:

> Not only is TextDrive itself upset at Urchin’s poor response and customer service, TextDrive’s customers are taking the company to task for how Google has handled their acquisition!

> Pissing off your customers is one thing. But pissing off your customer’s customers? How many other hosting companies have been left in this kind of situation, and what do their users think about Urchin now?

I think that sums up the situation quite nicely. While everyone is going gaga over Google Analytics, clearly a lot of people are not very happy with how the entire transition has been dealt with.

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