Funniest invitation ever

I was blown away by Asim’s creativity in this one. Read for your self (reproduced with permission, edited for content):

This document is a draft memorandum of understanding between Asim Shankar
(henceforth referred to as “I” or “me”) and Diwaker Gupta (henceforth
referred to as “you”). Upon acceptance of this draft both you and I
(henceforth collectively referred to as “parties”) agree to abide by the
terms and conditions of this agreement until the end of time, my demise,
your demise or my termination of this agreement, whichever comes first.

You are hereby invited and encouraged to visit me at any time, with or
without notice. The invitation also extends to other parties with whom you
have an association, including but not limited to family, friends and
significant others. The invitation is not limited to a visit with a specific
purpose of meeting me but extends to any visit that you may make, for any
purpose, within a one hour commute radius from my location at the time.

In return for the privilege of your company, I agree to provide services
including but not limited to lodging, food and transportation. A commute
distance of less than one hour obligates you to avail of these services and
obligates me to provide them. If the commute distance is more than one hour,
such services may still be provided but neither party is obligated.

By violating the terms mentioned above, the violator agrees to accept legal
action against them by the violated. The terms of this agreement are binding
and in case of any conflict, ambiguity or confusion that may arise in verbal
communication this written document serves as a final authority.

Acceptance of this agreement may be made via any written medium.

DATE: August 10, 2005.

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