Killer calendar

Webapps are the rage these days. I think personal information management is one of the key areas where web apps have a very good chance to make inroads into conventional desktop applications, and here’s why:

* these days we use computers at work, at home, on the plane, in a cafe — everywhere. We would like to have seamless access to our personal information //everywhere//. But personal information is personal, so security it important. You don’t want to carry around your laptop with you everytime though. Most places have Internet access — why not put everything online?
* We’ve already seen some very rich internet apps around personal information management. There’s [[|email]], [[|to-do lists]], [[|organizer]].

I think a critical piece in this puzzle thats missing right now is a rich web based calendar. Currently I just use something like unison/rsync to keep my calendar/contacts updated on each computer I work at. This is cumbersome, but it works. Email synchronization is a mostly solved problem (IMAP). But synching the calendar and contacts this way is problematic.

For a while I was using [[|Yahoo! calendar]] — its highly functional (reminders, recurrances, holidays). But I think the interface still needs a lot of work. There is no free/busy support, nor is there any iCal/vCal support as far as I could tell. I want to be able to subscribe to other calendar sources and aggregate free/busy information and so on.

There was [[|quite a rumor]] about Google releasing a web based calendar, but it hasn’t happened yet. I won’t mind if the folks at did it — but someone //should// do it, and do it fast!

I don’t care too much about web based email and addressbook because I access email from a variety of sources, and for a variety of reasons its not possible to access them all online. Further, I need to access my addressbook across all of my email accounts in a seamless manner — again, for a variety of constraints this is not always possible online. A local client like KMail is much more flexible in this regard.

Although I’m quite happy with my current setup in KDE ([[|kontact]], [[|basket]]) I think I’ll give backpackit and tadalist a try. A few less things to synchronize.

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