Laser Tag

Today I went to play [[|Laser Tag]] with our group at HP. We went to the [[|LaserQuest]] site in Mountain View. It was my first ever time playing laser tag, and I had a *great* time.

We played three games. The first one was a solo mission, and quite surprisinly, I scored the //3rd highest// points! :-) B-)

The second game was a team mission, and my team lost horribly. My individual preformance was just as bad, I think I ranked 15th :-(

Fortunately I was able to redeem myself a little bit in the third (and last!) game. This was also a team mission, my team came second lagging behind first place by a measly 57 points, and my individual ranking was 4th :-)

To top it all off, we had lots of ice cream after the games. Good fun :)

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