Grad life

Blame the 4 days gap on the drugderies of grad life.

Wednesday went away in customary meetings and talks and donut-bagel hour.

Had a early morning meeting (8AM) on thursday!! Then had a mid-term in the afternoon (which I managed not to screw up, but didn’t do too great either). I took the rest of the day off to see the [[|House of Flying Daggers]]

I got up early on Friday (early by my standards atleast) and got some work done. It was ok, since I did some work, but it was still not great since I was not getting the results that I wanted (they say its a part of research, but they don’t tell you that its a really bad part of research!)—anyways, yesterday was mostly data collection and writing up scripts to analyze that data.

In the evening we went over to [[|Himanshu’s]] place for dinner—frikking awesome food man! They had made parathas, baigan ka bharta, besan ke aloo (gatte), raita, pulao. Between some beers, and good food and good friends, I had a really great time.

This morning I was back in school. Spent the day looking at my monitor and doing truck loads of experiments. Got some really weird results, but none too good. The few good results I got, I’m not able to reproduce. For the bad results, I’m not able to zero into the problem. So all in all, doesn’t look too good. Ah well, atleast its better than wasting the day doing nothing at home! Atleast I have the satisfaction that I’m putting my effort.

Anyways, I’m hoping I’ll get //some// breakthrough by tomorrow, because otherwise Monday is going to be a very very bad day for me. Wish me luck!

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