Writing better blog posts

Ever since I started blogging last year, I’ve often had this feeling that I’m really not a good blogger. Many a times I write about technical stuff, using esoteric jargon without putting things into context. Often times I simply write about how my day was, mostly factual stuff, without actually offering any insights or adding any intellectual input. While its true that these are not requisites for a good blog, still I felt that my blog wasn’t really offering readers (if I had any) content that would make them come back.

Fortunately, not too long ago I came across a really good post on how to write killer blog entries. Sensible and succint, all of her points make a lot of sense. Inspired, I dug down some more articles on writing/promoting blogs.

I guess one of the biggest reasons I wasn’t writing good posts was that I hardly put in any time into them. Usually it would be a 2-3 minutes rush job. You can’t really sit down and put thought into something that hasty. So now I’m going to devote atleast half an hour to an hour daily on my blog. Also, since I’m going to restrict msot of my technical and research related ramblings to the research blog, it would hopefully allow me to post on a wide variety of other topics.

Lets hope for the best…

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