Sex, lies and videotape

The [[|scandalous story]] of two 11th grade students from DPS R. K. Puram is [[|all]] [[|over]] the [[|news]]. Well all of the Times of India atleast.

Basically the guy made a video clip on his cell phone, while the two of them were indulged in a “sexual” act. The 37 second clip spread like wildfire across the globe – MMS, email, instant messages—you name it, and it was there. Infact, some news stories report that the guy sold the clip to his friends at Rs. 100/- each, and infact now you can buy a video tape of the same at Palika Bazaar.

Its shocking to the say the least. What worries me more rather, is the fact that this is the first video-taped act to become public. How many kids are out there fooling around that are not being taped or made public. If the news reports are anything to go by, it seems everyone is doing it these days, and to be involved in a sexual relationship is the “in” thing at high schools these days.

We should all be worried about this. Because I’m not sure if most of India is ready to accept this shocking reality. Most parents are not ready to accept that their children are going to schools where sex is being taken for granted. The problem is that while the sexual under currents continue to grow, most of us still tend to veil these issues under the shrouds of negligence. We don’t want to confront these issues.

Honestly, I’m scared for my kids.

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