Long live Gordon Bell

Its amazing what affect voice has on the human brain, given the right application for the right duration at the right time. Its true the world has become a small place, and you can have breakfast in New York, lunch in London and dinner in Hong Kong all in a day. There’s email, voice email, instant messaging, video conferencing — but the most pervasive, most influential mode of communication still remains the old and gold telephone.

Its amazing that the telephone service has hardly seen any value addition since the days of Gordon Bell. I mean sure we have voice mail, and 3-way conferencing and caller ID, but come on — just look at the any other service sector (cable TV, for instance) and you’ll immediately realize what I mean. Another good example in this line is email — absolutely no (well little, at most) value addition (and little protocol change) in over 30 years of email.

Which brings me to my question — are these just example of succesful applications that people got “right” the first time, or have we just run out of great ideas?

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