Greetings from Netherlands!

After a (mostly) uneventful journey, I’m here in Volendam, about 10 miles northeast of Amsterdam, attending my first ever conference. Volendam is a quaint little town-village, the weather is cold and windy, our hotel faces the sea and our room’s got a view! So life’s good :) The only complaint, so far, is the lack of proper internet access here. Its kind of weird actually, since I wasn’t expecting it to be this way.

Of course, our room has its drawbacks — its almost like a mini castle with a dungeon :) Sadly, we still haven’t explored the “niceties” that Amsterdam has to offer. Well I have been there once before, but that was mostly a touch and go visit, as I’m afraid this one is turning out to be too. Meanwhile, I’m trying to finish my distributed systems assignment, finish God of small things and go through the reading assignments for CSE291 — I already love that class! Well, so long from Netherlands, I’m missing San Diego already…

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