Linux vs. Solaris

Back when I was doing the advanced OS class at IIT Kanpur, I was really impressed with all the good work that Sun had been doing on Solaris back in the 90s. But since then, Solaris development seemed to have taken a back seat. Atleast, so it seemed considering the lack of publications (compared to earlier when there were some really good papers on Solaris). However, with OpenSolaris on the horizon, things seem to be picking up. Eric Schrok, a Solaris kernel developer recently wrote a [[|blog entry]] on the direction OpenSolaris is taking, and how Sun’s approach to “open” software is a bit different from that of Linux.

Though it wasn’t as apparent to me, to some it seemed that the article hinted that Solaris was “better” than Linux (which it is, in some areas). Greg K-H responded with a [[|post on his blog]]. Eric [[|responded]], firing off [[|another response]] from Greg.

After reading through all the four posts, I must admit that Solaris sounds a hell lot more interesting than it ever did to me. And Greg’s position is hardly as sound as Eric’s. But I agree with Eric that Solaris and Linux both have different priorities, and therefore it really doesn’t make sense to “compare” them.

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