Simply talking

Wednesdays are always long, nice, and talkitive. Morning usually go away in talks and syslunch. I have a meeting with Amin right after syslunch. Then afternoons are just catching up with the day, hallway chats and lab discussions. Then I have to stick around on campus till 7 for the computational biology class. That ends at 8:20, by when I’m already half asleep. Then its also my cooking turn on wednesdays :( And to top it all off, usually I’ve to read up a paper for Alex’s class on thursday after that. Beat that!

In other news, vote counting is underway for this year’s general elections in India. The might US of A couldn’t pull of electronic voting in more than a few states, and the massive India, world’s largest democracy easily smoothed into electronic voting/counting without raising a brow. No hue and cry. No nasty hacks. Zilch! I was amazed to say the least. I don’t know how they pulled it off. As Mac said, probably its becoz the results are going to be rigged either way, so it doesn’t matter all that much :-D

But even more surprising is the fact that Congress has a clear lead this time!! So the future is really uncertain. One can’t but wonder that if the Congress + allies does come into power, will they be able to carry on the momentum of IT and outsourcing that the NDA goverment had been able to build up over the last few years. The economic ramifications of this election could be massive. Investors might become sceptic, policies may change. Time will tell. Wait and watch.

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