amarok rocks!

“amarok”: is like the *coolest* KDE app ever, and most certainly the best music player around. It can fetch album covers, lyrics, automatically fill tags using “MusicBrainz”:, complete “AudioScrobbler”: support, features “smart” playlists and a zillion other features.

I had tried amarok earlier, but had to let it go primarily because it didn’t have an equalizer — its silly I know, but I’ve got this speaker system with really good base but no on speaker bass control, so the neighbors get pretty upset if I run things without an equalizer.

My earlier setup consisted of “madman”: and “XMMS”:, which worked fine for me (mostly). But amarok is way better! And the newest version has equalizers for Xine and Gstreamer engines. Now the only thing I need to figure out is how to get gstreamer engine to use the artsdsink — right now I’m using the esdsink, and I’ve also configured arts to use esd, so that I can get sounds from every application.

Cheers to the amarok team!

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