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Chandu ka dhappa

I’m not really a big fan of this [[http://chandni.wordpress.com/2006/08/14/dhappa-to-me-now/|tagging business]], but I’ll humor Chandu this one time (I’m not going to spend much time writing this up though, so don’t expect much!). Here goes:

**I am thinking about**

* How to setup an account for Asim on my web server?
* The conflict in Israel-Lebanon
* What other blog posts can I finish today
* How do I find more time for reading?

**I said**

So many things on Sunday that if I wrote everything down it would be a book. We got into this major bulla/gulla session that spanned the life, universe and everything! Awesome.

**I want to**

* Do a good job with my internship
* Read several books that have been on my to-do list for far too long now
* Get some frikking creative juices flowing
* **GRADUATE** at some point

**I wish …**

* … the world were a calmer place. I’m growing more and more averse to violence everyday. Scared, even.
* … it was quicker to get to India. Its just too much overhead as now. Specially if these “new measures for increasing security” become permanent.
* … I were more creative.

**I hear …**

* TV in the background
* folks in the cube next to me loudly discussing some low level protocol stuff all day long. I heart my headphones.
* people complaining all the time. Why are so few of us //really// happy with the lives we have?

**I wonder**

* If the universe is always expanding, exactly //where// is it expanding //into//?
* Why are we on this earth? What is the purpose of existence?

**I regret**

Understanding too little, too late.

**I am**

who I chose to be.

**I dance**

now and then. Its fun with friends. I even tried salsa dancing a few times. I’m not passionate about dancing, but I think its fun and a good workout. I’m not great at dancing, but I’m a decent imitator :-)

**I sing**

to my hearts content. I love screaming with //Mehfuz//. I sing in my car. I don’t much in the shower though. I learned classical music a long time back. But that was a long time back :) I love music.

**I cry**

very rarely. But still more often than I’d like to admit. I once cried once I was drunk. Embarassing :)

**I am not always**

productive. Efficient. Disciplined.

**I make with my hands…**

pretty decent desi food. All kinds of //daals// and //sabjis//. Even tried kheer and custard.

**I write…**

very poorly.

**I confuse…**

Poonam Dhillon and Anita Raj. Vaijanti Raj and Mala Sinha. Joy Mukherjee and Vishwadeep.

**I need… **

friends, family and faith. Not in the //need// right now sense, but more in the requirement sense.

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