Google Government Requests

Have you looked at this yet?

First, I’m really happy to see Google at least trying to become more transparent. Second, I was very intrigued to see that India is in the top 3! Just in the last 6 months of 2009 India made over 1000 data requests to Google and upwards of 140 removal requests. Here’s the current breakdown:

  • 1061 data requests
  • 142 removal requests
    • 77.5% of removal requests fully or partially complied with.
    • 2 Blogger
    • 1 Book Search (court order)
    • 2 Geo (except Street View)
    • 119 orkut
    • 1 SMS Channels
    • 2 Web Search
    • 15 YouTube

Thankfully, bulk of the removal requests (119 out of 142) are for Orkut and given the spammy state of Orkut, I’m not really surprised. I’m more interested in the data requests, but right now that (possibly inaccurate) number is all Google can tell us.

Here’s another weird thing, Brazil made 291 removal requests of which 119 were for Orkut. India also made 119. Co-incidence? Perhaps. Or may be it was a common set of bad URLs that both countries ended up getting rid of. Of course, more than 75% of Orkut users are either from Brazil or from India, so there’s definitely some connection here.

All in all, another interesting data source.

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