Groovy Gurus

From the introductory post:

Groovy Gurus is a bunch of gastronomically inclined city dwellers (and then some) who’ve chosen to spend a couple of Thursdays each month – the 2nd and 4th to be precise – dining at a yet-undiscovered venue (at least for the purposes of the Thursday dinners), picked by a rotating designatory in the group. San Francisco has such a wide range of cuisines served up by restaurants that often reflect the unique character of their neighborhoods that it would be an opportunity lost to not give the lot of them a try.

Tonight is the third GG meetup. Follow our journey on Groovy Gurus.

Meanwhile, here are some of the other names we thought of before settling on Groovy Gurus:

  • Tangy Tuesday
  • Water, no ice
  • Masala Chai
  • Tuesday Tarkari
  • Mangal Munch
  • The Fortnight Bite
  • स्वाद की बहार, महीने में दो बार

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