Shrinking carrots

I got a promotional offer in my mail today from American Express. The highlight? **An extra 1% cash back**!! Clearly an offer I couldn’t resist. I rushed to the sign up page, where I was greeted by the following:


Pay close attention to the text below the image. First, they make sure I understand that I will continue to earn my usual cash back on //virtually// every dollar I spend. What more, //virtually// for every dollar that I spend (that is, //after// I have already spent $500 that month), I will get a bonus rebate of an extra 1% cash back.

This is //exactly// what we need to fix this country’s financial problems. Go American Express, America is counting on you! Thank you, thank you soooooooo much for this generous offer. You really made my day.


  1. jon

    99% of the time, amex is a scam. Their big print is often misleading and their small print only negates everything the big print says.

    I use the REI signature visa card for *everything* now. It has no yearly fee and it gets 1% back for all purchases (5% for all REI purchases). I put as many bills and purchases on it as I possibly can and for me, this certainly adds up. This money is given to you as a REI dividend which comes every Feb. The fine print also states that you can ask REI to cut you a check, if you aren’t as much of an outdoors person as I am. ;-)

  2. Diwaker Gupta

    @jon: I didn’t know REI offered credit cards! Thanks for the pointer, will definitely check them out. As far as AMEX, they might be a scam, but they also have a reputation for being the most lenient in handing out credit cards. And if you are a fresh international student in this country struggling to set up a credit history, it can be a real help :)

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