New MapReduce article in CACM

Several people have already [[|noted]] that Google has published updated statistics on [[|MapReduce]] in a [[|recent article]] published in the Communications of the ACM.

While numbers from Google are certainly always interesting, what struck me was the **absolutely pathetic** quality of the graphs in the article. To see what I mean, check out the graphs on Page 5 (you need an ACM account to get the PDF I think). They are hardly readable, both in print and on screen (zooming in doesn’t help). Here is a screenshot (I have included some of the surrounding text to give you an idea of the resolution):

{{|MapReduce graph}}

As a member of the academic community, I’m quite disappointed and surprised that neither the authors, nor the editors took note of such an obvious shortcoming. MapReduce is great work, and a publication like CACM reaches out to a much broader audience than the conference proceedings of OSDI (where MapReduce was originally published) so I would expect the presentation to be top-notch (and remember, this is Google we’re talking about). Besides, what irks me most is that these are the //exact// same graphs (or at least some of them are) from the original MapReduce paper ({{|pdf here}}). Was is so hard to just copy paste or import the figures without messing up the resolution so bad?

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