1. lisathelugubrious

    There’s a little potential for misuse since if you guess which of the two words hasn’t been correctly read yet you could enter it wrong and still pass the test.

  2. hihb

    What books? recaptcha sucks, they are telling me to read books. I can do that on my own time. THEY need to read books because they can’t spell “capture” right.
    Oh and this comment thing is gay, because I can just put in an email that hasn’t existed. what a waste.

  3. Diwaker Gupta

    @hihb: Dear , the “comment thing” is not to ensure that you put in a valid email address, but to discourage bots and allow me to get back to you on something you had written. As far as what you think about reCaptcha, you are certainly entitled to your own opinion, if I think it doesn’t make any sense.

  4. Diwaker Gupta

    @lisathelugubrious: I doubt they use a single answer. They probably sample a large collection of responses before deciding what a given word actually is. But ya, on a single user basis, you might be able to bypass without spelling both of the words correctly. Bear in mind that scanning books is only a nice side-affect of reCaptcha — the main purpose is to stop spambots, and that is still being served.

  5. lisathelugubrious

    Point. It’s a very nice idea. I’d love to be able to carry around every book I’ve ever read.

  6. baron

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  7. Marissa

    Captcha totally makes sense. It proves that someone is a human and not a bot. That’s the whole point of it. People can be annoying, but a program can be far more annoying. Besides, you can reason with a human and have a discussion with them, but a bot doesn’t care.
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