Down with RegisterFly

I have [[|previously written about]] my bad experiences with RegisterFly, particular since their debacle with ICANN. Since then I have moved my domains elsewhere, so **RegisterFly does NOT manage them anymore**. In fact, [[|GoDaddy]] officially [[|took over]] all domain names being managed by RegisterFly.

Despite that, for the past week I have been getting daily reminder emails from RegisterFly, curtly informing me that one of my domains is about to expire. Not only is it extremely annoying, it is stupendously dumb and obtuse on RegisterFly’s part. The very least then could do is turn off their stupid electronic reminders, or keep their database up to date! There is [[|extensive coverage]] of the whole RegisterFly issue over at the [[|ICANN blog]].

I hate you RegisterFly. I hate your management and their guts for continuing this insanity. I hope the law brings you to justice and make you pay for all the inconvenience you have caused to your unsuspecting customers.

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